The Kelroy Region

#10 Daedrus Gets Established

An epic battle ensued!

Daedrus cut off the head of Thorgon!

The two dark gnomes imprisoned the light gnomes when they surrendered and went down the stairs.

Daedrus followed down the stairs

The Gypsy followed the river and took a dingy down the river towards pinerick.

Meanwhile Glitterpuff went back to the tavern

And Daedrus followed the gnomes down the stairs to the elder council chamber.

Daedrus made important economical decisions for stephen and micheal, the gnomes that were, up until then, following a powerful leader, but were now the leaders themselves.

Daedrus convinced the goblins to follow the gnomes because they would profit from economic gain.

Daedrus decided the new gnome leaders should establish the capital of Daeus at a spot between the new northern gnome mine and pinerick to establish economic trade with the region.

He also helped make the decision that the goblin brigade sent against the dwarves would be used simply to threaten the dwarves that if they tried anything against their competition at the northern gnome mine their shit would get fucked up (rather than attacking the dwarves straight up). (though he failed his roll for this part)

Meanwhile, the gypsy hunted a deer by climbing a tree and waiting. She killed a deer and set up camp.

Daedrus accepted thorgon’s chamber at the gnome elder council.

So basically…….

Daedrus and fritz are sleeping at the elder gnome council chambers….

The gypsy is sleeping in the forest to the south-east of the lumber mill along the river… about half way to pinerick. (Which is extremely close to the recently established gnome council of Daeus)

Glitterpuff, Thomas Acquaintance, Finley, The Cock-holder, Shiraz, Bal-garth, ranger randy………… (and whoever else i’m forgetting) are at the red dragon inn, sippin on ale, and having a jolly good time, listening to a few good stories from good ole’ tommy A.

Holla atcha boi.

<3 The Dungeon Master



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