The Kelroy Region

#11 Daedrus Gets Vamped

12/3 ish…….


The Cock Holder
The cock holder had been chillen with tommy acquaintance and finley for quite awhile, and they were bro-ing out going hunting and arrowing shit together and stuff. They also drank a lot back at the Tavern, and played drinking games, basically just bro-ed the bro out, you know bro? So one night whilst many chilled at the tavern table at the red dragon inn (including bo-gart, shiraz, glitterpuff, ranger randy, and others) Tommy took the cock holder aside, and asked him to go on a special mission with him, because the loot would not be enough for everyone.

Tommy Acquaintance brought the cock holder behind closed doors that daedrus had tried to open many moons before. Tommy called forth a flaming portal of fire, and jumped through it after a small discussion with the cockholder. The cockholder followed. he said “This is fkn swt”

They met with a very old man with glasses and a staff, who turned out to be a wizard. He sent them on a quest to fetch a dragon headed staff from the gnome complex the gnomes had stolen from the wizard. The wizard created a flaming portal, and they ended up in caves beneath the complex. They mined a hole in the bottom of a hallway, and snatched a couple bugbears and stole their clothes. They fought a couple goblins in front of a room that they thought could be the armory, and found it was a wine cellar, but they also found a couple crazy potion bottles.He took one and he smelled very bad. The cockholder took the potion and turned into a gnome. Perfect dumb luck! one in twelve.

The cockholder saw daedrus, and daedrus asked the gnome

“Which way to the council?”

Though the cokholder knew it was daedrus, he pretended to just point him in the right direction and not know him.

He was a stinky gnome.

He walked into the armory after issuing orders to the goblins, and G-ed the staff, and got the fuck out, and back to wizard. WINNER! they went back to the tavern.

The Gypsy

The gypsy was in the middle of a forest and she created a boat, and continued down the river to pinerick. Eventually she came across arched tree branches curled above the river, and she gets followed by shadowy figures. She continued, and eventually when figures appeared in the branches above her and she heard baboon calls, she pulled off to the side of the river and began trying to make camp. She saw a decaying baboon hand pop out of the sand and a zombie baboon pulled itself from the sand. She tried to attack it with her sword, in a fit of fear and she missed her attack terribly. The zombie baboon pulled the rest of its body from the sand, and lunged at the gypsy and tore her jugular out with it’s massive jaws, as it tackled her to the ground. (OOC: Critical hit (2 20’s and a 7/8 - 14 damage) She was torn apart by Zombie Baboons.

She awoke as a zombie, and followed the baboons to a town ransacking, and came back and took part in a ceremony. When the baboons were getting attacked by 4 men, she took off and hid somewhere.

Daedrus and Fritz

Daedrus and fritz awoke in their separate rooms in the gnome complex after daedrus made important decisions the night before. Daedrus found a secret door behind a painting and took out a chest with some gems and a potion in it. Fritz walked in, and they searched in Fritz’s room and Daedrus found a potion in a floor panel of Fritz’s room. Daedrus took one potion and aged five years, and he took the other potion and became a vampire, and charged fritz out of blood lust, but then he continued chasing fritz down the hallway out of his own free will. When he caught up with Frtiz, Daedrus reared back and said,

“This is for your own good” and then he accidentally killed him, by biting him in the arm and sucking all his blood (by accident). He went to the gnome council for and the council got freaked out and attacked the vampire. He saw the cock holder on the way. When they realized he was only a temporary vampire, they nursed daedrus’s wounds and daedrus awoke in the gnome council.

R.I.P. Fritz



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