The Kelroy Region

#12 A Noodle at the Monastery

5/10 – 11 / 2012

Daedrus awoke in the gnome complex, and began walking down the hallway. The two Dark Gnomes still in the counsel came and apologized for their actions and talked about politics a little bit. Daedrus asked about the hole in the floor and the gnomes called Malakai, the goblin leader.

The gnomes and Malakai discussed inventory, and realized they must investigate the hole in the floor because of the missing dragon headed staff. Daedrus followed the gnomes down into a cave system and went through a flaming portal. Daedrus was confronted by the wizard Tim in his tower.

Daedrus learned the gnomes wanted to use the dragon headed staff to control the dragon in the mine system of the north against the dwarves. Daedrus did not follow the gnomes back to the gnome complex, and decided to side with the wizard in the argument. Daedrus learned Tim is a Wizard and detainer of magical objects. These dragon staves were once responsible for a large scale war, and TIm wants to detain all the staves so dragons will not be controlled for ill purpose.

Meanwhile, back at the red dragon inn, Finley was freaking and woke up glitterpuff urging everyone at the Inn to go to the monastary because the monastery was under attack!!! They met the minotaur avalon at the door. He was on a pilgrimage from the eastern sands. The Minotaur agreed to go with glitterpuff and finley, and did a massive banjo solo into a powerslide straight into the red dragon inn. Glitterpuff started an epic slow clap.

In the back of the tavern, Daedrus and Tim came through a portal and Thomas said hi. They came out to the massive banjo solo, and the slow clap, and daedrus did some carwheels and fell and said, “You have a cow face… but its super cool… I want it. I want to borrow your face.” and avalon did a powerchord.

Glitterpuff made a speech about adventure and they were off to the monestary. The monastery was getting attacked by brigands. They rode into the monastery and began battling. Tim and Thomas rode off followed closely by glitterpuff. Glitterpuff learned that a precious scroll had been stolen. They chased after the man who stole a scroll who wore a blue ivory mask, and he had jumped out the window and into the forest.

Meanwhile, Daedrus stole a blue ivory mask off the leader of the brigands, and broke both his arms, and made him a noodle. He forced him into telling his forces to retreat. The brigands ran away, and thomas and tim came back.

Thomas pulled Daedrus and Glitterpuff aside and told them that the lumberjacks had turned to being brigands because of their sawmill always being ransacked by goblins. In fact, Thomas’s father and brother were killed in such goblin attacks. Thomas had a plan to go back and convince the lumberjacks to return the scroll and stop being brigands.

When finley came over and asked what was up, daedrus told them that the lumberjacks were the ones who stole the scroll. He then gave them a good speech about how people do bad things sometimes, in bad situations, and the lumberjacks just made a bad decision because of the situations.

Daedrus would convince the lumberjacks to not attack innocent monasterys. The person that daedrus noodled said, “Innocent priests…?!?!” and died before ellaborating. Daedrus and Avalon convinced the priests not to immediately attack the sawmill. The priests gave daedrus until sundown the next day to return the scroll, or they would mount their own attack against the sawmill.

When the priests said that the scroll was a wish scroll, Tim stepped up and immediately and said that he would detain the scroll because it is an item of true power and he should have never let the monastery keep such a valuable magical artifact.

The party was off to the sawmill to speak with the lumberjacks.

Plus they identified all their items. Holla!



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