The Kelroy Region

#13 The Lumber Mill Burns

Monday January 9th

Smashthor, ranger randy, shiraz, Clarita, and daedrus headed to the lumber mill with the priests to retrieve the wish scroll from the lumber jack bandits.

When they got to the lumber mill, it seemed to be empty, and void. Shiraz and Clarita heard movement upstairs, and informed the party of such. The lead priest ordered the lumber jacks to show their faces.

To the party’s surprise, goblins came down the spiral staircases on either side of the dining hall. Shiraz talked to the goblins for awhile, and asked if they had the scroll when they said that they had kicked out the lumber jacks and the remaining lumber jacks probably were to the north.

The party didn’t believe the goblins and wanted to lure them down the stairs. Shiraz and Clarita searched around the downstairs to lure the goblins down, and possibly find the scroll. Daedrus approached the goblins and they did not like that too much and they drew their weapons and ordered them to leave. Clarita found an interesting glowing candle among the Chandeliers and Shiraz found a safe behind a painting, that she quickly kept covered.

Shiraz told them that there was a safe that belonged to them down here, and she offered to show it to the goblins. The goblins slowly came down the stairs surrounding their old old leader.

Clarita distracted them by acting very impressed, while shiraz tried to sneak up behind them and daedrus snuck up the stairs on the other side. Daedrus found many dead lumber jacks, but there was one left that was still alive. Daedrus woke him up and he asked,
“Friend, was the attack on the monastary successful?! did we get the scroll we need so dearly!?” and daedrus said yes, before the lumberjack passed out.

Shiraz wasn’t quick enough, and they demanded she show them to the safe. She tried to flip over them and fell on the ground. Clarita told them that she had mental problems. The goblins believed Clarita, as Shiraz spazzed out on the ground, and played along. Daedrus snuck down the staircase behind the goblins and tried to grab the leader, but the leader was too strong, and he was thrown to the ground. The leader was angry and demanded an attack, but Clarita asked the leader for patience, and she was sorry for her friend. The leader stopped the attack and ordered that the party detain daedrus, and show him to the safe, or leave. Clarita scolded Daedrus with her eyes as she grabbed him by the shirt. Shiraz decided to try to grab the leader one last time but the leader shook her off. A battle started, and the goblin leader said that he would “spare the little fairy” and she was free to go. A battle erupted.

Many swings were swung, many shots were fired. The leader caused a small earth ripple that knocked ranger randy to the ground. Smashthor, being a large and menacing target took many hits, and Daedrus did as well. Shiraz shot magic arrows crippling the leader as Clarita took out smaller goblins with her bow. Smashthor came under a spell that made her lose her judgement and attack Ranger Randy, though Ranger Randy expertly dodged.

Then it happened.

Daedrus unleashed a mighty fireball from a ring he had recently got identified. Before identification he had no idea what it did, but it sure did something mighty.

As the fireball erupted from Daedrus’s ring, aimed at the leader, everyone’s attention seemed to be focused on the fireball as it arched through the air, on top of the leader’s head. A massive explosion of fireball, and the leader was incinerated, many goblins took life ending wounds, and a couple of the party members sustained minor injuries from the blast. The dining hall was now ablaze, and the remaining goblins vanished through the front gate. Thomas Acquaintance left, with most of the party through the front gate, as Daedrus went back for the surviving lumber jack upstairs. Daedrus was quick and with great speed went up the stairs to the lumber jacks through the blaze. Unforunately, this lumber jack was far to heavy for him to carry by himself. He began to cough due to the impending smoke. Before flying out, Clarita heard Daedrus coughing. Clarita flew as fast as her fairy wings would carry her to the aid of Daedrus. Together they were able to drag the lumber jack down the stairs. On the way, Clarita nabbed the goblin leader’s epic staff. They carried the lumber jack outside, and Daedrus went back into the smoke and fire to get as much treasure as he could off the carcasses. Together the party watched the lumber mill burn to the ground as they kept warm by their own fire. They bonded as the ashes of the dining hall fell to the ground around them. The stars were out, and through the night they watched the building burn. Just before the sun came up, the remains of the building were still smoldering a bit, but Thomas awoke shiraz and told her that they should get the safe. They awoke the lumber jack and tried to convince him to give them the code, but the Lumber Jack insisted he went with and open it himself. The lumber jack opened it, and inside there was a golden axe and a few unidentifiable documents. The lumberjack took the items himself, and the three of them went back to the camp of the adventuring party, where everyone was snoozing.




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