The Kelroy Region

#4 Perilous Pits & Lizardmen

Saturday June 26th, 2010


So the party woke up at the monastery and had some items identified. Thomas Acquaintance wanted to go back into the catacombs. Finley wanted to accompany glitterpuff cause they had a magical night together. He liked the pennis. The party climbed down into the catacombs and went a different way this time. They came across another stone statue of a priest, and this one had rings on it, and daedrus took the rings, and he put on the onyx one, and glitterpuff put on the ivory ring.

The party came across a pit, that daedrus had realized was there, and daedrus ended up falling in while trying to save Thomas acquaintance once again, and thomas fell on him. they both only took one damage though hahaha. Glitterpuff fell in as well, and took some damage. They got past the pit and came to a statue of a priest holding a trident. They went north and came to a room with a sarcophagus in the middle. Daedrus opened the sarcophagus. and found a man who wasn’t decomposed or anything with a crown on his head. He stabbed him, got knocked back, the man stood up, his flesh decomposed in front of their eyes, and 4 lizard men arose from the ground!! An epic crazy battle ensued!!! Glitterpuff used her badass holy bolt on the undead spellcaster, and so much battling happened! At some point daedrus was hit for 3 and the saying ALL THREE PRONGS was born. Basically the spellcaster cast burning hands, and swiped at people, and thomas acquaintance got taken out, as well as finley by the onslaught of lizard men, and the spellcaster with burning hands, and frosty boltseses i thinks. eventually glitterpuff got the final blow on the spellcaster slicing him into two, daedrus sliced a lizard man’s head off, sliced a lizard man’s jugular, and glitterpuff got the last one that was surrenduring (though they thought he was casting a spell after he put down his trident and said something in lizard-speak) right in the back for the kill. Thomas acquaintance had been hit unconcious, but was healed by giltterpuff, and then got knocked out again by the lizard beasts, so at the end of it all glitterpuff and daedrus were collecting their rewards for their epic battle of mass proportions with two unconcious friends. At the pit, the two of them decided to lower them down the bit with ropes, and then lift them back up the pit with ropes. Finley was dropped on his face, and thomas was let down nicely both by glitterpuff. Daedrus searched finley’s body, and gave him the healing potion that he had found on finley. When glitterpuff tried to jump over the pit, she fell down the pit on top of thomas acquaintance. the party came to where they had lowered down the first time, in the mauseleum entrance and they lifted up the unconcious friends together. They brought them back to the monastery and when questioned what had happend daedrus was a little too honest, and told them exactly what happened, and they were like,
“You went into the underground catacombs?”
Daedrus gets a silly look on his face…. “No?”
charisma fail.
“You went down into the underground catacombs.”

The priests healed the hurt party members. Then, the priests sent the party to rest in their rooms and they’d talk about their travesties in the morning. Glitterpuff took finley with her.




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