The Kelroy Region

#5 Monastery Escape

Friday July 1st

Daedrus awoke to a pounding on his door at the monastery. He immediately freaked out and jumped out of his window. He knew they were in some sort of trouble with the monastery and would be woken up to meet with the council the next morning. He landed on the 4 foot ledge between the monastery and the edge of the plateau. He looked in Thomas Acquaintance’s room and tommy wasn’t there. He knocked on Glitterpuff’s locked shutters and glitterpuff and finley woke up. Glitterpuff heard a knocking on her door as well followed by thomas acquaintances voice, and daedrus yelling up for glitterpuff to get outside. Glitterpuff yelled down to Daedrus that Thomas Acquaintance was there, she let tommy in, and tommy said that they needed to bolt. Glitterpuff jumped out the window and was fine (she backflipped out the window) tommy jumped and landed on his arm and said, “looks like you already had the right idea, daedrus.” and finley jumped out and landed on his bum, after asking glitterpuff if he should run away in exile with her, and glitterpuff was very uncaring about the whole thing. lollz. Finley suggested they could escape through the catacombs rather than going around to the front of the plateau and possibly getting caught by guards. Daedrus tried to unlock the gate to the graveyard, was unable to, and kicked the gate open.

The party got to the mausoleum and there was a cleric guarding the entrance to the catacombs. He said that all the party needed to do was return the relics they took and they would be let free. Daedrus said something like, “forget that.” and attacked. A battle ensued. The cleric summoned a spirit that fought along side him, as finley blessed the party and sliced the cleric’s arm, and turned to glitterpuff, pointed and said, “That one was for you, baby.” Thomas acquaintance landed a large blow into the cleric’s side, and glitterpuff stuck an axe right into the cleric’s stomach, as priestly blood spewed everywhere, and the sprit disapeared. The group climbed down into the catacombs again, and Finley made suggestions that would lead them to the exit. Daedrus took a flute from a priestly statue they found, and could not play it. Glitterpuff couldn’t either. The party went the opposite direction from the way finley told them they could exit. Daedrus unlocked a door, they walked down some stairs, slid on a banister and waited for glitterpuff to take a pee at the bottom of the stairs in front of a large stone door that daedrus could not unlock.

Finley said, “When you learn more about picking locks, you can try that door again Daedrus.” and daedrus replied, “Fuck off, finley.” As glitterpuff’s pee came trickling down the stairs finley enjoyed watching it, and daedrus put his arm around Thomas Acquaintance and said, “These people are messed up.. other than me, right thomas acquaintance.” Thomas acquaintance moved Daedrus’s arm, and said, “Whatever man.”

Glitterpuff came back and the party walked for awhile the way they came and went in the direction of the exit finley had talked about. They came across another priest statue, and daedrus started whacking at it with his shortsword. He became posessed and demanded glitterpuff give him the golden rod that had posessed daedrus at an earlier time. after a bit of fighting with no one landing hits or grabs, glitterpuff talked to the priest and the priest just demanded the rod. Glitterpuff asked thomas and finley about the rod, and they said it was of no value to them, so glitterpuff gave daedrus the golden rod, and dadrus went to the statue, put the rod into the hand of the statue, the statue turned red, and daedrus returned to his former self (he had been in someone else’s body meditating in the courtyard of the monastery) He grabbed the rod with a rag over his hands, and bashed at the statue until it revealed the skeleton inside. They went the opposite way of Finley’s exit again, and came to a gate that daedrus unlocked. The gate revealed a large staircase leading down that was inside of a large cavern. Glitterpuff found gold and silver inside the pools of water in the cavern. Daedrus swam into the pool of water, and ended up running out of breath halfway through but swam back. Immediately he tried again, and ended up passing out. Finley saved him and healed him, and he chopped the arm off a golden lizard man statue and stuffed it in his bag. Thomas and glitterpuff followed, and daedrus opened a wooden doorway to a dirt chimney that led to the surface. The hole led to the west of the plateau and the monastery.

Finley said that this wasn’t the exit from the catacombs he was familiar with, and daedrus told Finley to lead the party to the exit he was familiar with. Finley did so, and it was a large door that was connected to the ground in a triangular pattern. Daedrus tried to pick the lock, but was unable to do so. At that point the party heard horses coming towards them, and Tommy said to book it. He took off running as did glitterpuff and finley, but Daedrus stood his ground. Daedrus got pummeled by two maces as the horse back riders came swinging by. Daedrus was able to knock someone off their horse & tried to grab the horse himself, but was unable to. glitterpuff and finley came back and healed daedrus, and thomas came back and chopped the head off the guy that fell off the horse. Glitterpuff chopped the arm off a dude that fell of his horse, so two horses were able to be chased down by the party and ran away on because they saw 12 horses coming down the plateau in their direction. They took off into the forest towards the west.



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