The Kelroy Region

#6 Death of the Goblin King

Glitterpuff and Thomas Acquaintance went to the lumber yard after taking off to the west, and Daedrus went back to the tavern to pick up women. He failed miserably at picking up women.

bal-garth, Shiraz, Daedrus and Trogdorian the Impaler got a note from Thomas Acquaintance urging them to report to the lumber yard as soon as possible. The three of them hopped on horses and took off to the west to the lumber mill. On the way, they were stopped by a gnome demanding ten gold to pass. Trogdorian the Impaler tried reasoning with the gnome, and asking him why there was a toll. The gnome responded that this road was property of the gnome elder council and if they were to not pay the toll, it would mean they were trespassing. Shiraz paid the little guy ten gold, and they were off to the lumber mill. Again, they were approached by another gnome, but this time Bal-Gart refused to pay the toll, and they began a fight with the gnome. The gnome blasted them a couple times, and they began a battle which ended in the gnome poofing away before being killed.When the three reached the sawmill they were accompanied by glitterpuff and thomas acquaintance. Thomas acquaintance informed them that the sawmill had been abandoned because goblins had ransacked it numerous times and many were killed due to said attacks. Thomas Acquaintance wanted to find the goblin king and kill him. Thomas had found out that the goblins were attacking through a secret passage way built underground near the sawmill. Their attacks were too quick and simple for any other way, and eventually Thomas had discovered an entry way behind the sawmill for said purposes, and he knew the goblin king lay beneath those doors.

Little did the party know, this was also home to the gnome complex as well.

The party went down the passage and proceeded through secret passage after secret passage down deeper and deeper into a large ellaborate network created by the goblins. Numerous goblin battles were fought, and eventually the party came across a cage where they hid a white winter wolf. Glitterpuff freed the wolf and spoke with it with her spells. The wolf became her loyal companion. The party also stumbled across Glendoria of Charbor within these passages, incarcerated by the goblins for her craziness, and overly blood thirsty characteristics. The party freed her, and she immediately joined the party to fuck shit up. The party came to a large undreground cavernous room, with a giant ogre and some goblins guarding a giant gate on one side. The party tried to sneak past said ogre, but Shiraz kicked a pile of rocks, and the ogre and goblins were immediately alerted to their presence. AN EPIC BATTLE ENSUED! Many adventurers fought valiently, and the adventurers knew the goblin king was probably behind the gate, so they fought towards the gate. The gate began closing, and glitterpuff threw her shield between the huge doors just in time before the gate closed shut. Shiraz and glitterpuff killed teh two guards by the gate, while the rest of the party fought the ogre outside the gate. Shiraz slipped through the gate and was met by a large ivory staircase. At the top of the staircase sat the goblin king and two large guards dressed in red armor. Shiraz tried to plead with the goblin king, but the goblin king would not compromise the attack. He ordered his guards to attack shiraz where she stood at the top of the stairs. The rest of the party fought towards the gate, and eventually the battle from outside the gate was taking place on the large ivory stairs. Bal-gart sliced a goblin from scrotum to head. Glendoria was eating the remains of goblins. Trogdorian the Impaler fought hand to hand with the massive ogre and Glitterpuff cured left and right. Shiraz took out the two red armored guards with burning hands and pushed them down the stairs. Shiraz unfortunately took a massive blow from the ogre’s slow but powerful club, and she fell dead on the stairs. Glitterpuff finished off the goblin king by slicing her massive axe clean through his head, as fire and brimstone rained around the room due to the goblin king’s mighty spells. Eventually bal-gart sliced the ogre down the stomach one last time and the ogre was fallen. The group carried the corpse of shiraz out with them, and sought out the monastery’s help for her resurrection. Later glitterpuff admitted she didn’t heal shiraz and cure her dying wounds because she was jealous of her prettiness.

Much loot was taken, and Thomas Acquaintance thought the goblin tribes would disperse with the death of the goblin king.



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