The Kelroy Region

#7 The Elder Council

The party regrouped at the red dragon inn, and Daedrus, Bal-gart, and Trogdorian the Impaler took the body of Shiraz to the Monestary. The priests were rather forgiving, and after enough gold was given to the priests, they resurrected Shiraz. However, the priests also sent them on a mission to destroy the gnome council for tolling the roads by the Monastery. The party learned the Gnome Complex and Gnome Council headquarters were behind the lumber mill.

After shiraz was well and good, they went back to the lumbermill and back into the passages beneath. This time they took a different path, and the areas were made of carved stone and it was a stark contrast to the darker, danker goblin areas seen before. Eventually the party entered the gnome complex after battles with goblins, and they stood outside the office of the elder council.

The party stood at the front door and tried to come up with ideas as to how to deal with the impending attack.

But they wimped out and decided not to attack.

Daedrus went in alone. He tried to start a conversation with them.
Shiraz went with.

After the gnomes decided shiraz and daedrus were a threat, and the party they were with was plotting to kill them, the gnomes took Shiraz and Daedrus captive.



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