The Kelroy Region

#8 The Cerebus

The gypsy and the cockholder answered the call for adventure in their town of Pinerick. They followed the forest roads to the Red Dragon Inn, and entered finding a solemn halfling barkeep was tending the bar, and the two sat down at a table in the empty Inn.

Daedrus awoke in front of the Red Dragon Inn after being captured and beaten by the gnome council and their goblin minions. He remembers little of his journey. Daedrus went to find a backdoor and found a cellar door. He broke the cellar door open after attempting to pick the lock. He went through the cellar past ale and wine to appear behind the halfling who was surprised when daedrus did a cartwheel and landed on the bar and said, “Ta-Da!” the cockholder immediately said, “WTF?”

The halfling asked how he had gotten there, and ran to the back to close the door. He came back and Daedrus made up a bullshit lie, saying,

Daedrus: The door was already open.
Halfling: What happened?
Daedrus: Someone spilled…
Halfling: I don’t understand, but okay.

The halfling ran to the back as the party began a conversation (or lack there of).

Three gnomes in dark cloaks walked into the bar. Daedrus leaped at them, and the leader of the gnomes cast a sleep spell on Daedrus and Daedrus fell to the floor. The gnomes asked where daedrus was, and the cockholder kicked daedrus in the face to wake him up. The gnomes explained that they were against the gnome council, saying they wanted to use the money on the toll roads for building a mine to the north rather than using it on their own selfish desires as the leader of the gnome council was using the funds at the time.

The gnomes suggested they defeat the gnome council’s jockeys along the road. The party agreed, and went down the road towards the lumber yard in a carriage being driven by the gypsy.

Sure enough, a gnome appeared, asking for the ten gold toll. As the gypsy stepped down to talk to the gnome, Daedrus cut a hole in the front of the cairrage and leaped out to attack the gnome. The gnome immediately struck Daedrus with a bolt of electricity that came from the gnome’s finger. A battle ensued!

The gnomes did not participate. The gnome toll master was beaten to the ground by Daedrus, where he tried to raise skeletons from the ground with a couple mighty spells. However, he was only able to raise two skeletons with two mighty spells. Eventually, the cockholder stabbed the gnome on the ground with his sword and twisted him into a bloody pulp. The skeletons disintegrated.

When the gnome was struck dead, a large red glowing symbol appeared on the ground around him, and a red light shot towards the skies. The dirt began to form a whirlpool close to the gnome, and the gnomes in the dark cloaks ran away towards the Red Dragon Inn.

The party ran and took cover behind trees. An unwieldily 13 foot tall wild cerebus with three collars arose from the whirlpool. The collars were connected to a chain held by a large seven foot ogre. The cockholder unsuccessfully shot an arrow at the orgre. The gypsy shot the ogre right in the arm, though the ogre seemed unphased. The cockholder immediately said, “Ah, fuck.” after shooting his unsuccessful shot at the ogre, and the ogre heard his call. The ogre headed towards the group.

Daedrus hopped on the ogre, but was bucked off on his first try up. He gracefully rolled out of his fall, and hopped up onto his back a second time, able to grab enough fur to stay on the wild cerebus. The cerebus crashed through the trees and attacked the gypsy and the cockholder. The cockholder got bit in the thy, and a cerebus left a tooth in his flesh. The gypsy was able to scramble out of the way of an attack, while Daedrus grabbed a collar and successfully cut it off. He tried to jump between the necks of the beast, but fell to the ground, able to catch his fall.

The Gypsy and the cockholder landed shots on the ogre, but he seemed concentrated on taming the wild Cerebus. Daedrus hopped back up on the beast, and cut a second collar. The ogre was still able to keep hold of the beast from the chain he held. The gypsy took a bite from the mighty cerebus, right in the shoulder, and a tooth was also left in her. Finally, Daedrus was able to jump to the next neck and slice the last collar, after falling one more time. After the last collar was cut free, the cerebus took off deep into the forest. The Ogre was left injured with nothing but a chain and he began to run. The cockholder caught up with him, because he is ‘fast as fuck’ and lunged at the ogre, sword in hand, and pummeled his blade into the back of the ogre, killing the ogre before he was able to get away.

The party began an intense debate over the treasure found on the ogre and the gnome, and ended up splitting the treasure piece by piece. Memorable treasure items include a silver crown, a silver pocket watch, numerous interesting potions, a scroll, a whip, and a gnome hat. And so the party stood in the road late at night, eager to find someone to identify their items….



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