The Kelroy Region

#9 Council vs Party vs Council

Last time in our fantastic adventurers lives of wonder, mystery, excitement, fame, fortune, and glory….

Daedrus and the gypsy collected the rest of the remains of the cerebus battle, and decided to head back to the red dragon inn. On their way, they met up with Thomas Acquaintance, Finley and Glitterpuff. When they got back to the red dragon Inn, a new adventurer was waiting for them.

Fritz whipped off his hood, cast light on his crotch and greeted the adventurers whole-heartedly. His freaky hairless cat accompanied him. Fritz made quick friends. Soon The Gypsy found the dark gnomes in the forest by their camp. They said they wanted to head straight to the council and show them what was up.

The party gathered in cahootz away from the council. The party also had a separate away from Daedrus because they suspected the Gnome council had the ability to take control of him at any time.

The party decided Daedrus would go on ahead of the rest of the party and go where the gnome coucil was, and the party would go afterwards. Deadrus went on ahead, and the party went to sleep.

Daedrus paid some tolls, and got to the lumber camp. He went underground and ended up in a study he had entered at an earlier time. An item of interest found was a gem that led him to see visions from the perspective of a gnome stuck under a rock. He did this multiple times, despite damage.

Daedrus found the gnome council and had a short conversation that ended in Daedrus being knocked out.

Meanwhile, the party awoke and the gypsy cooked eggs for the party. they were delicious.They took off while thomas acquaintance and finley hung out in the back.

The gypsy paid some tolls and met up with the mind controlled daedrus in front of the lumber mill. The party came up with an elaborate scheme involving knocking Daedrus out during a battle using Fritz’s cat, Buttons, so they could disable a gem lodged in Daedrus’s neck without the council knowing!

Daedrus snapped out of it, and was weirded out, and then he peed.

They went down to the gnome council, and they said that the dark gnomes were out to get them, the council and their guards followed the party outside to defeat the dark gnomes.


The party and the light gnome council were met by the dark gnomes and a spider outside!

Fritz stayed behind and convinced some guards to follow him upstairs while he sent his cat to go trip daedrus. Lots of shit went down.

Everyone was pretty confused as to who’s side who was on. Especially when DAEDRUS BACKSTABBED THORGON!!!!!!…. to be continued



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