The Kelroy Region

#2 The Caves of Aldayrun

New adventurers showed up to the tavern, and glitterpuff welcomed them as well as thomas acquaintance. Among them were Shiraz the elven wizard, Ranger Randy the Elven Ranger, and bal-gart the half-orc fighter. Tommy gave them keys to their own rooms, and said they were free to do as they wish. A black cloaked figure came to the Tavern for a drink, and one by one each of the adventuers tried to talk with him and each of them failed. The adventuers saw as they talked to him that his face was badly messed up and warted on one side and his hair was missing. He had a greenish tint to his skin. Shiraz failed miserably. She asked, “Howd you mess up your face?” he was instantly offended. One by one each adventurer went up to talk to the deformed man, each one unable to get through to him, and each one unable to figure out the reason for his distress. Thomas sat down with the adventurers and the party inquired what was in store for the next day. He informed them the next day they were going to the Caves of Aldayrun for the Sword of Grishnock. Eventually the deformed man introduced himself as Rodney. He informed them that his brother, Jeb, was taken by Goblins to the Caves of Aldayrun. He said if they saw his brother there to free him from the goblins, and Rodney would be forever thankful. Bal-gart stepped up and gave a strong speech of brotherhood and compassion that would make the northern darrow dwarves piss tears. Rodney was immediately drawn to the group by such a stately speech and vowed to help protect them in their quest for the sword. The party got drunk and went to sleep.

The next day the party hopped on horses and headed her east. A little off the beaten trail and into the Grimley Forest, the party came to the doors of the Caves of Aldayrun. They entered the cave, and came to a large cavern filled with goblins. An epic battle ensued of mass proportions. Many were hurt, and glitterpuff did quite a bit of healing. And shabang, the goblins were dispatched. Bal-gart bashed down a door found on the north side of the cavern that opened to a dining area, It was a well fashioned dining room, though it was simple and made for the goblins. This area was empty. The party searched a few more empty rooms, until they came across a jailcell that Jeb was hidden in. The party fought valiantly, and freed Jeb from his incarceration. The sword of Grishnock was found in a chest hidden beneath a floor panel shown to them by Jeb. In fear of being overran by goblins, and due to the downtrodden state of Jeb and numerous other adventurers, the party went back to the red dragon inn.




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