The Kelroy Region

#3 Mausoleum Mishap

Friday June 24th, 2010

While everyone was gone Daedrus went and trained against trees with his sword and saw strange symbols that he did not understand as he went through the trees. When he came back he saw a group of weary adventurers tired from their long day and everybody went to sleep.

Glitterpuff awoke to Thomas Acquaintance asking them for the shield they went to The Abandoned Tower for. Glitterpuff said daedrus had it. Daedrus awoke to Thomas Acquaintance and he said that glitterpuff had it. Glitterpuff didn’t think she had it, but she checked when Thomas Acquaintance asked for a second time, and she in fact had it. Glitterpuff asked what Thomas was doing with the shield and Thomas said he was collecting things he needed (or something). Thomas said he had another job for her, but it should only involve about one other person. Glitterpuff invited daedrus along, after going downstairs first and saying, “I thought you were gonna get him..” hahaha.

After they went downstairs they heard that Thomas needed an item at the Monastery close by. It was inside the Monastery’s graveyard that was surrounded by a large fence and magical Auras so they would have to make friends at the Monastery before getting into the graveyard. They hopped into a cart that Thomas acquaintance drove that was pulled by two donkeys. After a bit of travel, the party heard thomas talking to a small man, telling him to move out of the way. Daedrus got out of the cart, and glitterpuff decided to stay inside. The gnome was demanding a ten gold toll or there would be hot trouble. Daedrus acted pist and asked angrily why he was asking for a toll. There was a tense moment, and Daedrus tried to hit him with his dagger. Daedrus missed, and was hit with a burst of lightning from the gnomes hands. He made his saving throw, so he only took 1d4. Daedrus got hit back, while Thomas acquaintance yaw’ed his donkeys and yelled, “WIZARD!!” Glitterpuff stepped out, and said she would give the gnome his ten gold, and the gnome agreed. When she tried talking to him, he poofed away. Thomas swung back around and picked up the party.

The party pulled up to The Junelit Monastery. The Monastery itself was was an ivory octagonally shaped building with towers and a graveyard in the back on top of a plateau in the forest. The gates were opened by two priests and the party was asked to check their weapons, and daedrus stowed away his dagger for safe keeping. They were greeted by the head priest and his assistant, and they were invited to dinner. Thomas said that his good friend father Gura was buried in the graveyard, and he wanted to pay his respects to him. The party was warned of the evils of the graveyard, and were given back their weapons, and the priests decided they would be alright because glitterpuff the cleric was with them. As tenders of the graveyard, the priests felt entitled to share their identifcation services with the members of the party. The lead priest led them to a man meditating on a pillow. The man identified their items for them. Finley the priest accompanied them into the graveyard to show them where Father Gura was buried.

Thomas whispered to Daedrus that they needed to lose finley. Daedrus figured they could hide behind something. When finley pulled out in front of them, daedrus and thomas acquaintance spun behind a larger mausoleum, where as glitterpuff got caught by finley and when asked where the rest of the party was, glitterpuff said Thomas was tying his mocassin, and finley said, “Oh alright. we should wait here for them then.” and he slipped off into meditation. Glitterpuff snuck off when he did so. Daedrus unlocked the door to the mauseleum, and inside was a stone room with a stone sarcophagus. The party searched the room for something to move the sarcophagus and get to the catacombs beneath, but were unable to find anything. Thomas got pist, opened the sarcophagus, and started hitting the bottom of it with his big ass sword. eventually glitterpuff found a lever under some moss and pulled it. From the ground spikes arose and the sarcofagus began to move back. Glitterpuff was spiked in the leg with a spike, “She looks at you with her soft cleric eyes and says, “ow :(”" hahaha. As the sarcofogas moved back, Thomas Acquaintance lost his balance and began to fall into the pit that was underneath the sarcophagus. Daedrus tried to catch him and was able to get his hands on him, but was not strong enough to pull Thomas Acquaintance up from the fall, and ended up faling as well being drug by Thomas, and Thomas landed on top of him. After healing her leg, glitterpuff tied a rope off and climbed down the pit and joined the party, blessed the party and healed daedrus. The group went down a hall and came to a stone statue carrying a golden rod. Daedrus grabbed the rod, and after the party started walking again they found that daedrus was possessed and he started kicking the shit out of Thomas Acquaintance. Glitterpuff eventually hit the rod out of his hands and they tied a rope to it and put it in their bag. They got to a door that daedrus tried to pick the lock of, thomas tried to knock down, and glitterpuff chopped through the lock of the door. Glitterpuff got the door open, and they began going down the stairs. Glitterpuff noticed a trap and figured out that the stairs are probably pressure sensitive, so she hopped up on a railing and slid down the stairs. They came to a library where there was fires running. Daedrus snuck quietly around, and found a skeleton man on a couch. He tried to backstab him, but hit nothing but couch. The figure turned around levtated above the ground opened his mouth and screamed, and the fires went out and the once nice looking bookshelves and books rotted away, and became old. The skeleton tried to curse daedrus, but daedrus fought through his fear. Daedrus tried to hit the skelton but missed. Thomas acquaintance ran up and hit the skeleton with his shortsword. glitterpuff came up and started swinging with her mace. The skeleton made magical fire rise from the ground, and it hit daedrus, knocking him unconscious. Thomas chopped off the skeleton’s leg, and glitterpuff sliced him right down the middle between spine and hip. Thomas climbed up the chimney of the fireplaces, lowered rope to carry Daedrus, and lowered rope to lift up glitterpuff. They went back to finley, finley healed daedrus, and they went to sleep for the night.



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